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Intimate Intentions Mission Statement

Quantum physics has proven how our intentions, our thoughts, impact our physical and emotional well being. Science understands our bodies are 60-75% water. Dr. Emoto's studies on the molecular structure of water show us how simple loving messages written on even poor quality drinking water enable the most exquisite crystals to form when frozen. The symbols in ancient sacred geometric patterns have been found world wide from one ancient civilization to another, and incredibly exist within the pattern of our own DNA. Intimate Intentions brings all of these powerful principals together. Our collections have affirmations and sacred geometry printed on the inside of the garments to infuse these intentions into our bodies. Intimate Intentions is a way for us to honor and celebrate these principals daily, elevate and empower ourselves and honor the goddess and magic that we are.


Additional Intimate Intentions collections in development for Intimates and Infant clothing.

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