Ruler of Daffodils

Written and Illustrated by Heather Pallotta

Ruler of Daffodils spreads kindness and love, and that we all have magic and imagination within us! With each page you can enjoy getting lost in imagination. 

You are the master of the universe.

Queen of cottontails.

Ruler of daffodils and monarch among butterflies.

You create your own destiny,

so rule with kindness and love.

Be as gentle with yourself as with those you are above.

Your thoughts are your creations,

and your actions make them be.

So when you are upset or sad, don’t worry, set it free!

Those feelings will be gone in a blink

Just wiggle your nose, wiggle your toes.

Your world is all roses and puffs of pixie dust.

Remember, little magic-maker baby of mine,


Is all you need.

Heather Verrusio Pallotta

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Fine Art

Children's Books




My 32 page children's book is intended as a board book for babies ages 0-4 and beyond, with a word count of 147. Ruler of Daffodils spreads kindness and love, and that we all have magic and imagination within us! With each page you can enjoy getting lost in imagination.

Along with whimsical imagery it is my hope for Ruler of Daffodils is to convey a large message. In the vein of Rhonda Bryne's The Secret and my mentor, Depak Chopra's philosophies my series of children's books aim at empowering children with tools for life. I hope to help plant seeds to guide them toward fulfilling their own bright destinies.

We also would be greatly interested in working with the appropriate non profit organization in support of children and offering a portion of sales to this cause.

I am a professional artist of many disciplines and with my children for my muse I enjoy lending magical illustrations and text to nurture the spirit.


I am a member of SCBWI and The Children's Writer’s Guild, on which both of my books have been published. I have written and illustrated my books entirely.​

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